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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Construction Accidents

Roof Related Falls

In construction work there are a variety of roof-related jobs that pose great risk for even the most experienced experts. These may include communication tower falls, skylight falls, falls off of roof structures, falls through existing openings, and other hazards. With proper safety precaution and equipment, many of these injuries can be avoided.

If a roof related fall has impacted your life, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with your legal rights. The first step in recovery from an injury is to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. By consulting with a legal expert you can determine the proper action to take against those responsible for your suffering.

Roof Falls

Roof falls are relatively common in construction work, and there are many causes of these construction accidents. As one of the most common causes of death on the construction site, roof falls should be taken seriously and every effort should be made to prevent these tragic accidents.

If you are a victim of a roof fall construction accident, you deserve the best legal aid available. By contacting an experienced and compassionate lawyer you can ensure that you are taking every step possible to regain control of your life and move forward. Do not hesitate to plan a better future. Speak with an attorney today.

Crane Falls on Construction Site

Crane operators are specially trained to control enormous pieces of powerful machinery that can accomplish seemingly impossible feats. Unfortunately, there are times when the use of cranes results in injury or even death. Operators can fall great heights from their cranes, and alternatively cranes can lose their balance and topple, resulting in the injuries of many.

If you have been affected by a crane fall of any kind, it is imperative to contact a construction attorney immediately. You deserve reparations for your suffering, and an experienced lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to. A phone call today may result in a brighter future tomorrow.

Scaffolding Falls

Scaffolding is a temporary framework used to support construction workers and their materials during the construction or repair of large structures. Scaffolds can reach considerable heights and must be built correctly in order to ensure the safety of those working with them. Scaffolding falls can occur for a variety of reasons, but one of the most tragic takes place when faulty scaffolding construction is to blame.

If you are a victim of a scaffolding fall, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your suffering and pain. An experienced construction attorney can help you understand your legal rights and will work with you to seek justice against those responsible for your injury.

Elevator Shaft Falls

During construction, elevator shaft falls can take place with fatal results. Although there have been reported cases of individuals surviving falls from dramatic heights, a plunge of only a couple dozen feet can be fatal in some instances. Tragically, many elevator shaft falls can be easily prevented through proper training and safety precautions.

If your life has been impacted by an elevator shaft fall, it is important that you seek justice against those responsible. The first step you must take is to discuss your case with an experienced attorney who can help you navigate this tumultuous time. You may be rewarded for your legal action with a more secure future and compensation for your suffering.

Holes in Flooring on Construction Site

Falls may occur during the construction process that can lead to injuries or even death. When holes in flooring are not properly marked, they become a serious safety hazard for even the most experienced construction workers. Falls caused by holes in flooring or weak flooring are a major risk for any member of a construction team.

If you or someone you care about has been injured as a result of holes in flooring, you owe it to yourself to speak with an attorney immediately. An experienced and compassionate lawyer can help you understand the nuances of the law and advise you on the course of action to take against those responsible for your suffering. Do not hesitate to move forward with your life. Speak with a construction lawyer today.

Falling Objects

Construction workers are at risk from falling objects any time they are beneath where overhead work is being performed. The injuries sustained from falling objects may range from minor scrapes and cuts to concussions, blindness, or even death. There are a wide range of safety precautions that can be taken to minimize the occurrences of falling objects at a construction site, but tools and equipment may still become airborne missiles that not even a hard hat can protect against.

If your life has been affected by a construction accident involving falling objects, do not hesitate to speak with an experienced construction attorney. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your suffering. By meeting with a compassionate lawyer you can rest peacefully knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to ensure your family's security in the future.

Crane Accidents

The creation and use of cranes have allowed humans to build structures our ancestors could have never imagined. In densely populated areas where there is nowhere else to build but up, cranes are everywhere and are relied upon to create residential and commercial buildings. Although cranes have improved along with technology over the years, crane accidents still occur that can result in injury or death.

There were over 140 crane accident deaths in 2004. Crane accident deaths can arise from a number of factors, including lightning, high winds, defective cranes, falls, electrocution, and other hazards associated with construction at heights. Many crane accidents can be avoided with proper training and safety procedures. During construction, the well-being of workers must be more important than other considerations.

If you have been involved in a crane accident, you owe it to yourself to discuss your experience with a compassionate construction attorney. As a victim, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your suffering. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer who can help you move forward with your life.

Scaffolding Accidents

It is estimated that 65 percent of the construction industry works on scaffolds frequently. This accounts for 2.3 million construction workers who are at risk for scaffolding accidents to directly affect them and their families. The use of scaffolding is pervasive and necessary in the construction industry. Some of the most dramatic structures that have been built by humans relied on scaffolds to get the job done.

A recent study found that 72 percent of construction workers injured in scaffold accidents connected the event with planking or supports giving way or the employee slipping or being struck by a falling object. These are circumstances that should not occur when sites follow OSHA standards. Most scaffolding accidents can be avoided through proper training and preventative measures.

As a victim of a scaffolding accident, it is essential that you understand your legal rights. An experienced construction attorney can help you navigate the labyrinth of laws surrounding scaffolding incidents. You may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering that can help your family move forward and leave this stressful experience behind you. Contact a lawyer today.

Defective Scaffolding

When scaffold planking or supports give way, the lives of construction workers using the scaffolding are endangered. Defective scaffolding is by its very nature a completely preventable construction accident. The oversight of some can easily result in the horror and tragedy of others.

If you or someone you care about has been harmed as a result of defective scaffolding, do not hesitate to discuss your case with a construction attorney. An experienced and compassionate lawyer can help you make sense out of this ordeal. By taking legal action against those responsible for your suffering, you can ensure that this accident does not disrupt the well-being of yourself and your family.

Improperly Assembled Scaffolding

Safety should be the number one priority of contractors. Improperly assembled scaffolding may result from laziness, hastiness, incompetence, or innocent mistakes. When these factors go unnoticed the safety and lives of everyone on a construction site are endangered. The sad fact is that improperly assembled scaffolding accidents are entirely preventable when contractors follow simple OSHA standards.

If you or someone you care about has been injured as a result of improperly assembled scaffolding, do not hesitate to contact a construction attorney. An experienced lawyer can help you obtain reparations for your suffering and seek justice against those responsible for your pain. A brief phone call today may result in a brighter future tomorrow.

Run Over by Operating Equipment

The construction site is an extremely busy work environment. With movement by workers and vehicles, everyone has a responsibility to look out for each other's safety. Supervisors and foremen have the additional duty of promoting effective safety procedures and practices at the construction site to ensure the well-being of all employees.

Tragically, there are circumstances when construction workers are run-over or injured by operating equipment. Accidents such as this can occur at any worksite, but risks are increased when working on highways or near busy roads with heavy equipment. In these environments workers must be vigilant and meticulous when practicing safety standards. Any lapse in procedure could result in a preventable construction accident.

If your life has been affected by a construction accident involving someone being run-over by operating equipment, discuss your case with a compassionate lawyer today. By contacting an experienced attorney you can receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

Hit by Highway Vehicle

Every person who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle has been told to reduce their speed in construction zones. Most motorists have respect for the workers maintaining and improving their roadways, but there are some whose self-centeredness endangers the lives of others. Their reasoning for disrespecting the laws of the road is irrelevant; when a construction worker is hit by a highway vehicle it is a completely preventable crime.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of a construction accident involving being hit by a highway vehicle, it is imperative to seek legal counsel immediately. An experienced and compassionate construction attorney can help you fight for justice and obtain the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. Do not hesitate to take a step towards a brighter future. Contact a qualified lawyer today.

Electrical Accidents on Construction Sites

It is estimated by OSHA that nearly 350 construction workers die every year from electrical accidents. A few causes of these fatalities include electric shock, electrocutions, steam accidents, and power line contact. The risks of these hazards are heightened for workers who perform their jobs on scaffolding or in cranes near overhead power lines.

In addition to the aforementioned injuries one may suffer from electrical accidents, other risks include burns and falls caused by contact with electrical energy. Because working with electrical current is unavoidable and necessary, OSHA has created specific guidelines for construction workers to follow when dealing with hazardous situations. Unfortunately, there are times when these standards are not adhered to or situations where they are overlooked.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of an electrical accident, you owe it to yourself to discuss your case with a construction attorney. Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering. The outcome of legal action could have long-term benefits for your family that can preserve your well-being. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced and compassionate lawyer today.

Electric Shock

Electric shock occurs when the body comes into contact with electric current. The harmfulness of an electric shock is dependent upon the voltage, current, and duration of exposure. Construction workers are at risk of experiencing electric shock whenever they are exposed to cables or machines carrying electric current. Specific safety procedures should always be followed to avoid complications including internal injury, muscular spasm, respiratory arrest, and cardiac arrest.

If you are a victim of a construction accident resulting in electric shock, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, you may be eligible to receive reparations for the pain and suffering you have been made to endure. Do not hesitate to seek the guidance of a compassionate lawyer during this uncertain time.


Electrocution is the death of an individual by Electrocutions. When an electrocution occurs at the work site, it is a tragic event for all construction workers. Investigations must take place to determine what went wrong and how it could have been prevented. In some cases, an electrocution is a result of unsafe working conditions or various oversights by supervisors and foremen. Under these circumstances, a fatality may have been prevented with proper attention.

If your family has suffered from a construction accident involving an electrocution, seeking legal counsel can help bring closure to this tragic series of events. A compassionate and professional construction attorney can review your case and advise you on the legal action you may take to preserve the well-being of your family. Additionally, your vigilance during this difficult time can help prevent another family from being forced to experience what you have endured. Do not hesitate to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer today.

Power Line Contact

Direct contact with power lines can result in electric shock and electrocution. The risks of contact are always present, but dangers are particularly heightened when a workplace or construction site is not up to code. Exposure to even low voltage lines can be hazardous or fatal if in certain environments or for long enough durations. Power line contact construction accidents are avoidable if proper safety procedures are followed, but they continue to be a risk to construction workers even today.

If you or someone you care about has been involved in a construction accident caused by power line contact, it is important to understand your legal rights. Everyone deserves to work in a safe work environment, and justice must be sought out against those who are responsible for the pain you have endured. By contacting a construction attorney you can learn about the legal action you can take while bringing some closure to this challenging time.

Trench Collapses

The building of trenches is necessary for many construction tasks. They are present wherever buried utilities are constructed or repaired. It is absolutely imperative that appropriate safety measures are taken during the building process to ensure the safety of all workers involved.

A trench is narrow in length with its depth greater than its width. When trenches are constructed they must have safeguards in place to protect workers inside the trench from a collapse. When a trench collapses workers may easily become crushed under the weight of heavy soil from above. One cubic yard of soil weighs about as much as a mid-sized automobile, and suffocation can occur with only a couple feet of soil on top of the victim.

If your life has been affected by a trench collapse, do not hesitate to fight for justice. When proper safety precautions are taken these types of construction accidents are completely avoidable. By contacting an experienced and compassionate attorney you will be taking steps to protect your family and prevent these types of accidents from occurring again.

Fires and Explosions in Construction Site

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has determined that workplace fires and explosions kill 200 and injure more than 5,000 workers each year. For these reasons, special safety guidelines have been established to prevent construction accidents arising from fires and explosions.

A fire plan should exist at construction sites so that workers can be safely evacuated in the event of fires and explosions. These accidents can result in a great number of injuries, including burns that can result in extensive pain and even death. Fires and explosions are perhaps the most dynamic and tragic construction accidents that can occur.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of a fire or explosion at a construction site, you owe it to your family to contact an experienced attorney to handle your case. You deserve justice, and a dedicated lawyer will fight for the compensation you deserve. Nobody should have to work in an unsafe environment. Discuss your case with an attorney today.

Compressed Gas Explosion

There are literally thousands of products in use that contain gases and mixtures of gases that are stored under pressure. There are three types of compressed gases: liquefied, non-liquefied, and dissolved gases. Some of these gases are flammable and extremely volatile.

Due to the dangers of compressed gases and the increased risk of explosion, it is essential for employers to establish rules and guidelines for employees to follow when handling these materials. Additionally, these rules must be enforced and communicated to construction workers in a clear and concise manner to avoid tragic accidents.

If you are a victim of a compressed gas explosion, do not hesitate to discuss your case with an attorney. A helpful lawyer can lend an understanding ear and help you fight for justice. Depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to extensive compensation for your suffering. A phone call to an attorney today may help you and your family look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Welding Accidents on a construction site

Welding is a hazardous activity that requires experience and a strict adherence to safety guidelines. Welding accidents can arise from welding fumes, UV light, sparks, noise, or skin injury. Due to the wide range of accidents that may occur, healing times and other circumstances are extremely dependent upon the individual.

Welding accidents can run the gamut of a wide variety of other serious construction-related mishaps. Welders can be exposed to gases, electricity, toxic fumes, and high temperatures that can separately or in combination pose significant health risks. It is important for safety precautions to be established and in use by welders to avoid accidents.

If you or someone you care about has suffered a welding accident, it is important to know and fully understand your legal rights. As a victim, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. An experienced and understanding attorney can help you fight for justice and the reparations you deserve.

Arc Burn Accidents

Welding takes advantage of extremely high temperatures, and there is a very serious risk of welders receiving severe arc burns. Special safety precautions must be taken to avoid arc burn accidents, including special protective clothing that avoids exposure to heat. Additionally, welders must wear special goggles and helmets to protect their faces, heads, and eyes from damage.

Arc burn accidents can also affect other construction workers besides welders. At sites where arc welding is taking place there should be transparent welding curtains in place to protect bystanders from the hazards of welding. These curtains are specially designed to shield other workers from the dangerous UV light emitted by the electric arc.

If you are a victim of an arc burn accident, do not hesitate to discuss your experience with an attorney. Nobody should suffer bodily harm that can be prevented through the use of proper safety precautions. Contact an experienced and understanding lawyer today.

Unsafe/Dangerous Construction Equipment Accidents

The size and power of the machines and equipment used in the construction industry can be responsible for some of the most grievous injuries if not used carefully and professionally. Construction equipment, like every other type of machinery, can experience mishap and failure - particularly if it is overused or improperly maintained.

Everything from cranes to fork lifts to scaffolding and ladders can cause potentially fatal accidents. Over 1,000 construction workers are killed each year, many of whom would now be alive if not for the failure of a manufacturer to provide safe equipment or for the negligence of those responsible for repair and maintenance.

Although most construction workers are fully trained in safety precautions, even the best run jobsite can become dangerous if overrun with defective equipment. If an accident caused by defective construction equipment has ruined your life or the life of someone you know, you deserve to take action against those responsible. Contact a construction accident attorney right away, and start to make your life whole again.

Unsafe/faulty ladders

A ladder is one of the most important types of construction equipment, but one that is often taken for granted. Ladders helped build the pyramids of Egypt, construct the aqueducts of Rome, and helped build the Sears Tower. Ladders remain a simple way to move from one level to another, and these simple wooden or steel frames are the bedrock upon which the construction industry is built. 

Unfortunately because ladders are so simple they are often taken for granted. Out of the 1,000 construction workers killed every year 300 of them are killed by falls, a large number of which are because of damaged or defective ladders. These crucial pieces of equipment often go overlooked during safety inspections, but without proper oversight these accidents can be fatal.

Defective power tools

Power tools have come a long way since the first hydraulic drills and steam pumps. Modern power tools are driven by powerful electric motors and precisely controlled by sophisticated computers in order to deliver the most efficient and accurate performance. 

Unfortunately with increased sophistication comes increased risk of serious injury. Defective power tools can claim the lives of hundreds of construction workers each year if not properly maintained or repaired.

Defective derricks

Derricks are some of the most complicated but important pieces of machinery on any construction site. These large, obtrusive, and complex lifting devices are easily recognizable by anyone who has ever been by an oil field, dockyard, or anyplace where workers need to move heavy loads or drill deep into the earth.

These rigs are by nature dangerous and hazardous, but are more so without proper oversight and maintenance. Poorly built derricks cannot only endanger the lives of those who work with them but also the projects and livelihoods of those who depend of their lifting and weight-bearing capacity.

Defective hoists

Hoists have been around for centuries as a way to lift or lower loads into a precise location on a construction site. These simple devices consist merely of a drum or pulley to allow movement or a rope or chain, and a driver to provide force and strength for lifting.

Even though hoists are some of the most common and simple pieces of construction equipment, they can be responsible for some of the most devastating injuries on a worksite. Because they are designed to help lift heavy loads, any failure in the chain, driver, or pulley itself can result in tragic and sometimes fatal accidents.

Defective conveyors

Industrial and construction use conveyor belts differ little from the common supermarket check out lane in that both are used to transport materials from one end to another, albeit construction conveyors are far larger, more sophisticated, and complex. Whether they move raw materials or building equipment, conveyers are a vital part of any construction site.

Even these simple machines can have serious mishaps with dramatic consequences if not properly assembled or maintained. The loads they are designed to move can cause serious damage over time when used frequently, and although relatively simple machines, lack of maintenance can cause serious and deadly accidents.

Defective woodworking tools

Woodworking has been a part of human history since the first people fashioned basic tools out of the trees around them. The people of the 21st century are a bit more sophisticated, with wooded structures that not only comprise our homes and offices, but support the building and construction of these important structures.

A large number of dangerous tools are needed in order to fashion this versatile resource into the forms we need for construction. Industrial use saws, sanders, and polishers are common on many construction sites, but these tools are as much a danger as they are a necessity. Few tradespeople know of someone who hasn't lost a finger, hand, or suffered grievous injury because of a defective woodworking tool.

Defective winches

Winches are a vital component of so many construction applications in addition to simple tools in their own right. These simple machines wind rope, lines, cables, and other lanyards, but as they are generally the weakest link in a chain of pulleys and hoists, winches often suffer the most catastrophic failures.

Defective graters

Industrial and construction grade graters are a sight to behold. Combining long lengths of conveyor belts, powerful hydraulic systems, and immense grinding gears, graters can churn out tons of the gravel necessary for so many construction projects.

These wonders of technology have a dark side, however. These machines appear deceptively simple, but unfortunate is the fate of any construction worker who happens to work on a defective grater.

Defective scrapers

A wheel tractor scraper is one of the most common pieces of heavy equipment on many construction sites. Scrapers cuts out large sections of earth in order to smooth out imperfections. They have a large hopper where the dirt is collected to move to the dump area.

TThese large pieces of heavy equipment are extremely dangerous, particularly if hydraulically powered hopper or blade malfunctions. Construction workers must exhibit extreme caution because even when these powerful machines are working properly they are extremely dangerous.

Defective tractors

Tractors are some of the most common vehicles on construction sites throughout the world. These powerful vehicles use their enormous engines to tow, drag, pull, and power a large variety of heavy loading, lifting, and transport machines

Unfortunately, these vehicles are as dangerous as they are useful. The large number of heavy tractors on any given construction site mean that it is likely that one if not more are defective. Tractors are prone to the same defects normal vehicles suffer; more so if you consider the stress and workload of these machines.

Defective bulldozers

Bulldozers are powerful construction equipment machines used to move large amounts of dirt and rocks, remove trees or other obstructing plant life, and to compress and smooth out uneven patches of ground or soil. Their wide body structures and powerful tracks distribute their massive weight over a wide area, making them the perfect machines for clearing low-lying brush, burnt out cars, and positioning barricades.

These vehicles are easily identifiable by their large scoop-like blades on the front and the long, pointed "ripper" in the rear. Unfortunately the same power and weight that are key to the bulldozer's strength can work against it if the machine is defective in its design or maintenance. Accidents with defective bulldozers can include fall outs, crushing, or any number of hydraulic or electrical malfunctions.

Defective forklifts

Ever since they were first invented in 1917, forklifts have become an indispensable piece of warehouse, manufacturing, and construction industries. Although they range in size and loading capacity, the premise of the forklift remains the same throughout the world; move heavy objects from one location to another.

Even though they are powerful for their size, forklifts suffer a few serious flaws. Loads must be perfectly situated so their center of gravity will not shift, potentially causing serious injury to the operator and any unprotected people nearby. This can sometimes cause server stability problems in poorly designed or maintained forklifts, resulting in sometimes catastrophic injuries. 

Defective backhoes

Backhoes are one of the most vital earth moving machines used in modern construction. Without these tremendously strong hydraulically powered digging machines modern construction practices would be nearly impossible.

Unfortunately this great power can pose an enormous threat if defective backhoes make it onto your construction site. Aside from the fact these machines can weigh many tons, the amount of earth they move can become extremely hazardous if the backhoe is defective.

Defective boilers

Boilers are extremely useful on construction sites because they provide not only hot water but the pressure to produce energy to power equipment and move significant amounts of debris out of a given area. As their name entails, these vessels contain large quantities of extraordinarily hot liquid that can cause significant injury should an accident occur.

Defective pressure vessels

Pressure vessels are specially designed pieces of construction equipment that allow workers to keep a certain fluid or gas at a certain pressure in order to safely use it. These important yet delicate pieces of equipment boilers and other high pressure vessels protect workers on construction from overloading boilers, gas mains, or any other container used to contain gasses or fluids at high pressures.

Unfortunately, damaged or defective pressure vessels can cause serious injury. A defective pressure vessel cannot regulate the chemicals it contains, and the internal gasses and fluids held under great pressures can poison, suffocate, or burn workers who are forced to labor in hazardous environments.

Logging Accidents

Logging is a very dangerous occupation and can result in a variety of harmful accidents. Logging accidents can be caused by the tools and equipment used by loggers as well as the falling of massive trees. Chain saws, logging machines, and enormous trees are just some of the hazards involved with contemporary logging operations.

In addition to the obvious risks of working with logging tools, other factors that make logging a hazardous profession include the rugged environment in which work is performed, the use of additional vehicles such as helicopters, inclement weather conditions, and other situational determinants. When the potential for logging accidents to occur exists but is not addressed, any resulting injuries are completely preventable.

If a tree falls on you or someone you care about in a forest, will an experienced attorney be there to hear your case? By contacting a compassionate lawyer you can learn about the steps you can take to obtain justice against those responsible for your pain and suffering. Discuss your logging accident with a construction attorney today.

Brazing Accidents

Brazing involves joining metals through heat and a filler metal. Brazing creates permanent and strong metal-to-metal joints. The brazing process has many advantages over other metal joining options, but brazing carries some inherent risks as well. Dangerous fumes and gases may arise, and burns may occur if proper safety procedures are not followed.

If you are a victim of a brazing accident, it is important to familiarize yourself with your legal rights. An experienced construction attorney can provide guidance during this challenging experience. By discussing your case with a compassionate lawyer you can achieve justice and move forward with your life.

Cutting Accidents

During the construction process many materials need to be altered to fit specific needs. It is very common for extensive cutting to take place at any worksite to ensure the proper fit of building materials. Wood, concrete, glass, plastics, and metals must all be manipulated and often the only tools that can perform this job are very sharp and dangerous to handle.

Cutting accidents are common, though they are usually preventable when effective safety procedures are established and followed. Managers and supervisors have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe, and one of the most obvious areas that require attention is cutting tools. In a hazardous environment, injuries resulting in the loss of limbs or life may result.

Elevator Accidents on construction site

Every year, elevators and escalators kill about 30 people and seriously injure over 17,000 Americans. There have been gruesome and tragic elevator accidents that have resulted in severe injuries and even death. Elevator accidents can harm both innocent passengers and the construction workers who service and build them.

Elevator manufacturers, owners, and service companies have a responsibility to ensure the safety of passengers. The safety and well-being of many is compromised when inspections and safety procedures are not abided by. Elevators are essential for people who are unable to use stairs and in tall buildings where stairwells are not a feasible route. Passengers should not have to question their safety when they step inside an elevator.

Structure Failure on construction site

By definition, a structure failure takes place when a building or other structure breaks in such a way that it cannot carry as great a load as it could before failure. Structure failures can be catastrophic and result in major injury and loss of life.

In 1995 the Sampoong Department Store in Seoul, South Korea collapsed due to structure failure, killing 501 and injuring another 937 people. Upon investigation, it was revealed that this structure failure was due to negligence and unsafe design changes. When the safety of the public is compromised for financial gain or time constraints, structure failure may result.

We all deserve to have experts design and maintain the structures we rely on for daily life. If you are a victim of a structure failure, it is imperative to understand your legal rights. A compassionate attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of construction law and attain closure to the ordeal you have endured.

Building Collapse on construction site

Building collapse can be caused by bad design, faulty construction, foundation failure, extraordinary loads, unexpected failure, or any combination of these causes. A construction worker's worst nightmares are realized if he or she is in a building during its collapse. Victims may be injured, crushed or killed as debris and materials fall down around them.

Most structures are built properly and to code, diminishing the possibility of building collapse. However, when a collapse takes place it is a failure of many and a manifestation of irresponsibility and incompetence. Architects and designers have an obligation to the safety of the public, and when this obligation is not met consequences can be tragic.

If you have suffered as the result of a building collapse, you deserve justice for the pain you have endured. An experienced construction attorney can research the facts surrounding your case and provide you with closure to this experience. By contacting a qualified lawyer today you are aiming for a brighter future tomorrow.

Construction Site Supervisor Negligence

Construction supervisors have a great deal of responsibility. In addition to managing project constraints including deadlines, supervisors must also address the safety of their co-workers. This includes the administration of safety procedures and guidelines as well as the enforcement of these policies. Supervisor negligence can result in serious injury and even death on the job.

One case involved an electrician who was injured after falling from a scaffold built at a construction site. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the scaffold was built improperly due to supervisor negligence. The settlement for this case was over two million dollars.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a construction accident arising out of supervisor negligence, you owe it to yourself and your family to discuss your experience with a construction attorney. A lawyer can advise you on the legal action to take to achieve justice against those responsible for your suffering.

Punch Press Malfunctions

Punch presses are used in metalwork, typically to punch holes into metal plates. The nature of punch press machines makes them very powerful and very dangerous. Punch press operators must always exercise the highest level of professionalism and safety while working.

Unfortunately, even when proper safety measures are taken punch press malfunctions may occur that are out of the control of workers. Punchy press malfunctions can result in gruesome injuries including amputations, puncture wounds, and death. In some cases these malfunctions are caused by faulty machinery, but in others they stem from a lack of maintenance.

If your life has been impacted by a punch press malfunction, do not hesitate to discuss your case with an experience and compassionate construction attorney. By seeking legal action against those responsible for your suffering you can recoup expenses and take steps to prevent similar accidents from harming others in the future.

Forklift Accidents

Forklifts are extremely useful vehicles for moving heavy or unwieldy construction materials. However, with their prevalence comes a high price. Nearly 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 seriously injured in forklift-related incidents each year across the United States. With such staggering numbers, it is essential to be aware of and closely follow forklift safety guidelines and regulations.

The three most common accidents causing forklift fatalities are forklift overturns, workers on foot being struck by forklifts, and workers falling from forklifts. The hard work and cooperation of many is required to take preventative measures against these accidents. Supervisors must create a safe work environment where forklift operators and other construction workers can manage traffic and work together in a safe manner. When one link in this chain of safety is broken, serious consequences may arise.

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a forklift accident, it is imperative to discuss your experience with a compassionate construction attorney. A trained lawyer can help you investigate the causes of you accident and develop a plan of action to take against those responsible.

Dumpster Accidents

Dumpsters are ubiquitous at construction sites for their load-carrying ability and the need for a large receptacle to hold trash. During the construction process, dumpsters may be moved to various locations at a worksite but trucks, forklifts, or other vehicles. When appropriate safety practices are not followed during the relocating process, dumpster accidents may occur. These accidents can result in the injury or death of construction workers, yet are completely preventable.

If you are a victim of a dumpster accident, it is important for you to know your legal rights. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your suffering. Do not hesitate to contact an understanding and experienced construction attorney today.

Nailgun Accidents

Nailguns have proven to be useful tools at the worksite and have replaced hammers for many construction workers. Their power allows them to drive nails into the hardest of surfaces, including concrete and steel. Because of this, nailguns command respect from their users and the people around them. A lack of safety around a nailgun can result in very serious consequences.

When nailguns malfunction or are used hastily, people can be injured or killed. Nails that enter the body may cause infection. A common nailgun injury is the penetration of the nondominant hand, but soft tissue injuries account for the majority of nailgun accidents. There have been cases of nails penetrating the brain, spine, and mouth of victims in nailgun accidents.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of a nailgun accident, it is important to know your legal rights. Do not hesitate to speak with an attorney about your case so that you can take action against those responsible for your suffering. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your pain that can offset medical expenses and allow your family to look forward to a stable future.

Compressor Accidents

Compressors are used at construction sites to provide power for many of the tools and utilities used by workers. Air compressors and gas compressors are very common, and with their use is an accompanying increased risk to workers. Employees must exercise special caution when working with or around compressors of any kind.

OSHA has established guidelines for construction workers and supervisors to follow when using compressors. Compressor accidents can result in serious injury and even death. However, with proper care and attention these mishaps are entirely preventable. When supervisors and workers lapse in their vigilance, compressor accidents can be fatal.

If your life has been impacted by a compressor accident, do not hesitate to discuss your experience with an experienced attorney. A legal expert can help you understand the law and the actions you can take against those responsible for your suffering.

Exploding Compressor

Compressor explosions can lead to disastrous consequences. A variety of circumstances may lead to an exploding compressor. These include inadequate training, faulty safety practices, and poor compressor quality. However, when all of these factors are appropriately addressed compressor explosions are entirely avoidable.

If you or someone you care about is a victim of an exploding compressor, it is important to understand your legal rights. You owe it to yourself and your family to discuss your case with an experienced construction attorney. A compassionate lawyer can help you make sense of the chaos surrounding your accident while fighting for justice. Contact an attorney today.

Gas Explosions on a construction site

Gas explosions are caused by an ignition source coming into contact with a gas leak. Construction workers must always remain alert to the presence of gas leaks. Gas can be a silent killer, filling an area with flammable toxins while going unnoticed by most people. When a flame or other source of ignition is introduced to a gaseous environment, the resulting gas explosion can be catastrophic.

In 1937, a natural gas leak was responsible for the New London School explosion in Texas. This disaster killed three hundred students and teachers. Similar explosions occur regularly throughout the world, although typically with a less dramatic loss of life.

Gas explosions are preventable throughout effective safety procedures and responsible leadership. If you are a victim of a gas explosion, you deserve justice and compensation for your suffering. Contact an attorney who will fight for what you are entitled to. Do not hesitate to move forward with your life and speak with a lawyer today.

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